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'23-'24 season is underway ... reach out to put the pedal down!

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2024 Summer Clinic will be coming up FAST!

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Unwavering pursuit of excellence

The mission of 495 Lacrosse is to provide our club members with elite player training and development while supporting individual goals such as helping our student-athletes reach the next level in lacrosse. 495 Lacrosse wants our athletes to reach their potential in lacrosse and, along the way, to learn life lessons, including teamwork, leadership, and communication, all while striving for academic excellence.

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    Individual skills coupled with differentiated team strategies
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    Positive passion, positive reinforcement, and constructive tangible feedback for our players
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    Our coaches are very experienced and have deep, far reaching relationships across all aspects of the game
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    We lead with positivity, transparency, and fairness to all of our players
College Corner

Player-Coach Relationships

College commitments by student-athletes who have player-coach relationships with members of the 495 Lacrosse Staff:


our dedicated & Experienced Team

Our Directors and Staff have the most profound passion for lacrosse and an authentic desire to share our knowledge and experience with our club members.

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    Our Directors and coaches truly live lacrosse…it is a passion
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    We focus on strong fundamentals, but also teach the finer points of lacrosse as the subtle nuances to skills and game situations can transform good players into truly great players
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    We are an integral part of the most extensive coaching tree in college lacrosse
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    We genuinely invest in our families and players to bring them the very best experience possible in club lacrosse
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