495 Lacrosse Club

495 Skills Academy

Program overview

495 Skills Academy is optional skill-based training held throughout the year specifically dedicated to fostering deeper individual skill, knowledge, and positional development. This specialized training will be made available to current and prospective 495 LC players. The focus is on improving player technique and execution through a deep dive on proper form and strategy while also increasing the number of reps in execution to build a successful foundation of individual lacrosse skills.

Through highly specialized positional training, with detailed instruction and high repetition, our players will elevate their individual games. 495 Skills Academy will take the player's individual game to the next level, where the focus is on YOU, the INDIVIDUAL!

At its core, lacrosse is a game of match-ups and trying to exploit those match-ups.

The best Offenses have 6 guys that can 'dodge, and create'. To exploit match-ups consistently, you need to have 'Lax IQ', coupled skills and techniques. We focus on proper skill development by position and how to execute them at high speeds with consistency at various spots on the field.

How do I sign up for a 495 Skills Academy?

You will be notified when 495 Skills Academy is made available. Registration will be under the ‘495 Skills Academy’ tab.

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