495 Lacrosse Club

Our Mission

495 Lacrosse Club’s mission is to provide our club members with elite player training and development while supporting individual goals such as helping our student-athletes reach the next level in lacrosse.

Those goals can span a broad spectrum of potential individualized outcomes: playing at the D1, D2, or D3 levels, playing club within the MCLA or NCLL ranks, or becoming a great player at the high school level. We focus on all of our players and support their objectives rather than just helping a select few.

495 Lacrosse wants our athletes to continually build their love for the game of lacrosse, reach their potential and, along the way, learn life lessons, including teamwork, leadership, and communication, all while striving for academic excellence.

495 Lacrosse wants our players to understand that having fun and enjoying the process coupled with hard work is the path to achieving their dreams and goals. We foster a culture of POSITIVE passion, enjoyment, and being committed to the journey through hard work because anything worth having is worth working hard for!