495 Lacrosse Club

Culture & Core Values

What we believe

  • Unwavering pursuit of EXCELLENCE guides us in everything we do

  • POSITIVE passion, POSITIVE reinforcement, and CONSTRUCTIVE, tangible feedback for our players

  • Success comes from being committed to the Process ('Process over Product'), enjoying the journey, and from working hard!

  • The way you do ANYTHING, is how you do EVERYTHING!

  • Nothing is given, all is EARNED!

  • We set ‘stretch goals’ so our players have to reach and push themselves to achieve objectives

  • We pride ourselves on having the deepest training and expertise

  • Disciplined approach to learning and playing TEAM ball

  • We acknowledge and celebrate the success of ALL of our players

  • We respect everyone, including our TEAMmates, Coaches, opponents, referees, spectators, etc.

  • We exemplify sportsmanship at all times, and we win or lose the same way

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