495 Lacrosse Club

The 495 Difference

495 Lacrosse was started with one thing in mind:

To provide an UNPARALLELED LEVEL OF INSTRUCTION not seen in other club organizations coupled with a POSITIVE environment to foster ELITE PLAYER DEVELOPMENT.

Our Coaches are NCAA National Champions, college All-Americans, multiple year D1 Team MVPs, multiple year D1 Team Captains, and respected local HS coaches (both Head and Assistant) who are highly knowledgeable and have deep lacrosse experience.

Our Directors and Coaches truly live lacrosse … it is their PASSION!

495 experience

Directors & Staff

Our Directors and Staff have a very strong passion for lacrosse and an authentic desire to share our knowledge and experience with our club members.

  • Experience & Wisdom

    Not only have we won countless Tournaments through the years, but our Directors and Coaches are respected because of their ability to lead, train and develop outstanding young men into better student-athletes.

    Our teams compete year-round at competitive events under the guidance of our very experienced and passionate coaching staff. 

  • Coaching Philosophy

    Like anything, the game of lacrosse has evolved, and its strategy and approach have progressed. The 495 Team is entrenched in lacrosse at all levels in its current state, bringing the most innovative thinking to our players and families. Players need to be taught how to, when to, and where on the field.

    495 also focuses in on the game's subtle, but very important nuances that are less understood and certainly less taught. These nuances take good players and make them truly GREAT players!

  • Relentless Pursuit of Excellence

    The 495 Lacrosse Staff is extremely skilled at identifying untapped potential in individual players to accentuate and rapidly develop competitive advantages on a player-by-player basis. 

  • Network & Knowledge

    Our Directors and Coaches still play lacrosse today, so our networks are extensive, and our knowledge is fresh and current.

  • Lead with Positivity

    We lead with POSITIVE PASSION, transparency and fairness to all of our players.


We genuinely invest in our families and players to bring them the very best experience possible in club lacrosse. The 495 Lacrosse Team cares about our collective cadre of players…not just the top skilled players.

  • Clarity of Purpose

    495 Lacrosse is deeply committed to the education and development of our players in the sport of lacrosse while fostering a love and joy for the 'fastest game on two feet'. 

    We believe strongly in the multi-sport athlete and highly encourage all athletes in our program to participate in our year-round club, while also focusing on their other sports and activities to be the most well-rounded student-athletes possible.

  • Practices

    Among the highest number of practices in the State of Massachusetts focused on individual skills and full TEAM strategies.

  • Innovation and Fun

    Practices and overall approach designed to be innovative and through a variety of formats give each player the opportunity to learn from our full 495 Staff. This allows our young men to 'soak up' nuanced perspectives on the game from a variety of 495 instructors while still having a dedicated coaching staff. The best of both worlds!

  • Roster Size & Play Time

    Our rosters are limited (with specific intention) to an appropriate size such that our players are getting enough quality opportunities to be on the field.

  • 495 Gear

    Our club members receive lots of gear as we believe it assists in building a strong culture of TEAM and UNITY.

495 experience

Overall Philosophy

The way you do ANYTHING, is how you do EVERYTHING!

  • Strategy

    We believe the path to becoming an excellent lacrosse player starts with the proper fundamentals and ‘Lax IQ.’ Solid stick skills and proper technique are something we emphasize every day at 495. We then build upon the fundamentals, as our goal is to develop the complete player who understands the game to its fullest. A part of being complete is being athletically fit, so 495 Lacrosse also focuses on our ability to outrun and be in better shape than our opponents. We like to ‘push Transition’ and ‘get up and down’ the field. This ties directly into our culture of working hard, and earning everything. Nothing given, all earned!

    While individual skills are essential, we also deeply value and teach Team Offensive and Team Defensive strategies, transition lacrosse, proper field communication, and the importance of being a good teammate both on and off the field. Our practices are very competitive, and we want our practice time to be harder than games. It shouldn't be the other way around. Game time is to execute what we have been working on.

  • Continual Constructive Feedback

    We authentically invest in our families and players to bring them the very best experience possible in club lacrosse. The 495 LC Staff cares about all of our players, and not just our top 1%. We spend time with our boys 1-on-1 to provide tangible, real feedback and a specific roadmap of how each player can improve his game. This player evaluation process and feedback loop is constantly ‘in play’, so the young men of 495 LC can hone in on areas where further development and emphasis may be needed. Our unwavering pursuit of excellence is a key differentiator.

  • Role Model Mentality

    495 LC Directors and Coaches strive to be role models for our athletes; someone who they can look up to, someone who has played the game, and someone who is going to teach them the benefits of hard work, commitment, teamwork, sportsmanship, respect and excelling in the classroom. We lead by example!

495 experience

College Recruitment Assistance

495 Lacrosse assists our players and families with the college recruitment process, and through that process, helps to find the best fit for them across a multitude of factors such as lacrosse fit, academic fit, college type, longer term vision and eventual occupational ambitions of our players. The college decision-making process is multifactorial in nature, and the 495 Staff guides our players through that to optimize outcomes for our club members.

The college decision-making process is multifactorial in nature, and the 495 Staff guides our players through that to optimize outcomes for our club members